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Semantic SEO & Topical Authority Course

By Mubashir Hassan Categories: Blogging, SEO
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About Course

Semantic SEO for beginner to advance course. Get ready to bring your unique voice to the online world!

How to master Semantic SEO? [Link]

Topical Map has 5 Fundamentals:

  1. Source Context
  2. Central Entity
  3. Central Search Intent
  4. Core Section of Topical Map
  5. Outer Section of Topical Map
  • Source Context

Source context is where the journey of a topical map starts.

When you start to think about launching a website, you must have thought about how it’ll be monetized. What will be the purpose behind processing the topics?


Why is your “Brand” needed in the SERP?

The answer you’ll get is the source context of your website.

It’s where your website entity is connected to the central entity and where you make a bridge between the topical map’s core section and the web entity’s main focus.

Through this source context research, you establish the foundation for your website by understanding its purpose, audience, and the relevance of your brand.

  • Central Entity

The Central Entity is the main focus or central figure in a semantic content network. It’s the primary subject around which all other topics and entities revolve.

It appears consistently in main and supplementary content across various contexts.

Its main and minor attributes contribute to both the core and outer sections of the topical map.

  • Central Search Intent

Central Search Intent is the primary purpose or goal consistently seen in a topical map or semantic content network. It unifies focus connecting the central entity with the source context.

It Influences both the core and outer sections of the map. And appears throughout the entire topical map, majorly or minorly.

  • Core Section of Topical Map

The core section is the central area where all important activities take place. It processes signals for ranking, and deciding what’s relevant and important.

It’s where money-making strategies are applied.

And where brands connect and strengthen their association with the topic.

Like a main hub, it’s where all elements come together in a focused manner.

  • Outer Section of Topical Map

The outer section of a topical map improves the historical data and relevance of a website. It concentrates on minor details about the subject rather than its main features.

Its goal is to spread trust and quality signals to the main part of the map. This is achieved through links or connections, even without direct links.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn Semantic SEO, Entities, NLP, Blogging, Niche Research, AI, Freelancing, and Digital Marketing.

Course Content

Niche Research Module

  • Niche Research 1st Class (Part 1)
  • Niche Research 1st Class (Part 2)
  • Niche Research (QNA)
  • Niche Research Methods 2nd Class
  • Niche Research Methods 2nd Class (QNA)
  • Moz Pro 30 Day Free Trial without Card & How to Generate Bin Cards
  • Get FREE Perplexity Pro Accounts with ChatGPT 4

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